Qudo Prepaid Calling Phone Card

Link up to 5 phone numbers to your account to make cheap international calls from mobile, home or office phones. Now up to 5 family members and friends can make long distance and international calls by dialing access number. No need to remember or dial long PIN numbers. Add Qudo access number to your mobile favorite numbers and save your wireless minutes!

Qudo Callback

Three convenient ways to make long distance and international calls anywhere in the world from any fixed or mobile phone number. Define up to 5 call back numbers from your Qudo Account and use phone callback, SMS callback and web callback to make cheap voip calls.

Qudo SIP

Make phone calls from computer via sip voip phone or mobile phone via data or WiFi connection. Download softphone to your computer and/or to your mobile phone and start making pc to pc and internet phone calls. Download sip vip phone for your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile or Symbian and use your Qudo SIP account to make long distance and international calls directly from your mobile phone’s address book.